Psycho (1960) - Alfred Hitchcock

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Psycho (1960) - Alfred Hitchcock
Alfred Hitchcock - Psycho (1960)  artwork

Psycho (1960)

Alfred Hitchcock

Genre: Horror

Price: $14.99

Rental Price: $3.99

Release Date: June 16, 1960

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Alfred Hitchcock's landmark masterpiece of the macabre stars Anthony Perkins as the troubled Norman Bates, whose old dark house and adjoining motel are not the place to spend a quiet evening. No one knows that better than Marion Crane (Janet Leigh), the ill-fated traveler whose journey ends in the notorious "shower scene." As first a private detective, then Marion's sister (Vera Miles) searches for her, the horror and the suspense mount to a terrifying climax where the mysterious killer is finally revealed.

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