Fatih'in Fedaisi Kara Murat - Aytekin Birkon

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Posted by Stephanie Hill
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Fatih'in Fedaisi Kara Murat - Aytekin Birkon
Aytekin Birkon - Fatih'in Fedaisi Kara Murat  artwork

Fatih'in Fedaisi Kara Murat

Aytekin Birkon

Genre: Turkish

Price: $9.99

Rental Price: $3.99

Release Date: January 16, 2015

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Kara Murat was a young, brave and legendary janissary in 1449. He is the sole warrior who could cut-in the Byzantine soldiers to intervene in the only war between the Ottoman Empire and the Byzantine Empire who took place in Serbia and change the direction of the glory. He catches the attention of Byzantine commanders by defending the Ottoman frontiers and soon became one of the most important targets to be terminated. Kara Murat proves to Sultan Murat, who is seen as weak and vulnerable by his enemies, that he is brave and fearless and is capable of protecting the Ottoman Empire side by side with him.

The only goal of Orhan Celebi, Sultan Murat's brother, is to sit on the throne but Sultan Murat passes the throne to Sultan Mehmet who will became Fatih the Conqueror. And the reign of Sultan Mehmet begins. He is young, brave and full of belief. His enemies, within and outside of the Empire start their betrayal plans thinking he would be easily defeated…

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