Miracle On 34th Street (1994) - Les Mayfield

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Miracle On 34th Street (1994) - Les Mayfield
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Miracle On 34th Street (1994)

Les Mayfield

Genre: Kids & Family

Price: $14.99

Rental Price: $3.99

Release Date: November 18, 1994

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Everyone, especially children, knows that the holiday season is a time for miracles. However, six-year-old Susan Walker (Mara Wilson) has doubts about childhood's most enduring miracle...Santa Claus. This holiday season, Susan is going to receive the most precious gift of all: something to believe in. And she's about to discover that miracles do occur...The story relates the arrival of one Kris Kringle (Richard Attenborough), a department store Santa who believes he's the genuine article, and who subsequently turns a skeptical child's world upside-down. When Kris is put on trial to prove he's Santa, the youngster -- and everyone around her -- learns the true meaning of faith, the importance of family... and that even today, we all need something to believe in.

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